The Ultimate College Prep Bootcamp

Tap into your learning potential with Untapped's summer college prep bootcamp. You will receive one-on-one mentoring, curriculum that covers both the academic and social aspects of college life, and an approach that caters to your individual needs.

The summer bootcamp starts July 17th...and spots are filling up fast! 

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Our Passion is the Proof

The Untapped team consists of passionate people who care about what they do, and that goes beyond executive function coaching. We embrace differences—different learning styles, different extracurricular interests, different academic experiences—to support each other in our personal and professional growth.

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How Our Process Works

Get a Mentor

Get matched with your mentor based on our analysis of your learning style and needs.

Develop the Skills

Once you are set up with your mentor, your road to independence begins. This is where you learn invaluable tools that will enable you to manage your time, stay organized, and achieve your goals.

Enjoy your Freedom

With your mentor to help hold you accountable, you'll develop routines and strong study skills to complete your school workload more quickly, freeing up time for you to do more of what you love! The skills you will learn and hone will help you academically and beyond.

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Students Coached


Students Whose GPA Increased


Students Whose Academic Confidence Increased

Why Choose Untapped?

Customized Learning Plans

We combine mentorship and movement to help students
develop executive function skills, build confidence, and inncrease independence. Our mentors adapt their sessions to meet each student’s needs and encourage movement both during the mentoring session and at home.

Proven Success

We have the numbers and data that prove our method is successful. In fact, we've had a 90% increase in student organizational skills and 83% of Untapped students have seen a significant decrease in overall anxiety levels. 

“Brandon and his team at Untapped Learning embrace the science and emotions of providing an enriching framework for students. Their data shows tremendous success for both k-12 support and, most exciting for me, support for transition to college. I’m quite confident when referring my clients to him."

CHRIS BELL, MS, CEP | Bell College Consulting LLC

Curious About Other Untapped Programs?

Students all over the country meet with us twice a week to get organized, make a plan of assignments and extracurriculars, and create routines. We help students hone their executive function skills through an academic lens, holding them accountable every step of the way.

Our mentors set Untapped Learning apart from classic tutoring services. To begin, we pair you with the right mentor based on personality and learning style. You’ll meet one-on-one, once a week, to build a plan so that you can break down daunting assignments into manageable tasks.

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